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Comparison of S&W 63, Ruger SP101 .22 LR and Taurus 94

Have all 3.

4" steel Smith 63 is the best all around: accurate, portable, and a great trigger.

2" Taurus Ultralite .22LR is easiest to carry, carries the most rounds, and is very accurate, but the rear sight blade was loose (have had 3 Taurus .22 Magnum 2-inch steel revolvers that would not stabilize the round; get at least a 3" barrel if going up to a .22 Magnum).

The Ruger SP101 4" steel .22LR is the strongest and is fairly accurate, but is just too large and heavy to carry on anything other than an exposed belt holster.

For fun, get the Smith. For concealed carry, get the Taurus. For long-term durability, get the Ruger. Or get all 3 and have a ball.
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