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I like the knife and sheath as well, it is a handy size for most things with a 3.5" fixed blade. I had three of these knives built awhile back, one for my daughter with purple scales, and one for a guy who's been letting my daughter kill whitetail since she was 9. The sheath is a cross draw sheath so if I'm slung up carrying a rifle it doesn't rub on my knife sheath or it's out of the way if I'm carrying a handgun. The knife holds a wonderful edge if you don't drop it and tweak the tip, but Todd will repair and resharpen them for free.

Todd is a big man something like 6'6" and 300 lbs, so he said the problem with cartridge holders is he couldn't grab one efficiently so he spaced them out to get his fingers in there. He gave it to me to try out, but it is probably going to see limited use as well. I usually only carry a knife outside of my day pack, everything else is in readily accessible pockets on the pack.
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