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This has the number 11398 stamped on the bottom of the grip frame or butt, as well as under the barrel and on the cylinder where you load in the cartridges.
I Believe it is a Pre-15 which is called a Combat Masterpiece. The serial number you gave Points to a serial of around 1947 but they did not make this Model until 1949. I suspect you forgot to add the K-Prefix that should be in front of the serial number ? If it is from that time span, it may have been a Pre-serial numbered frame used for your revolver that shipped Later. The Model 15 as it is known after 1957 when S&W assigned model numbers in the crane area, is a 4" Barrel version of the Model 14 K-38 Masterpiece. This model shown is called the Combat Masterpiece because it has a Baughman quick draw front sight blade, and the shorter 4" Barrel. It is a Five screw gun so that tells me it is before 1956-1958 Era. It has the small cylinder extractor common with Post War revolvers and a Four Line address that started after 1947. It is in very nice shape and The Five screw configuration makes it Heavily sought after by Collectors. I hope this Helps, Hammer It
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