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AR to AK, Rock River Arms to Arsenal, Happy to Sad

I've been a happy AR owner with 1,000's of rounds through a Rock River Arms Elite Operator 2 with no malfunctions. However, recently, I've been eyeing AK's and was bitten by the bug. Sturmgewehre's video of the new SAM7-SF's did it to me, and so I broke down and bought a SAM7-SF...

And as soon as I got it, I caused a malfunction. I put the safety on and wracked the action like no AK owner would even attempt. Sadly, I was able to work the action, which forced the safety up past the top cover.

I didn't sweat it yet. I documented the malfuction, contacted Arsenal, and they had me send it in. They were very prompt and turned the gun around back to me as fast as they could (they had it for about 24 hours). I asked how they fixed the gun or what they did to it, and they never answered me...

And of course, I just got the gun back, and all it seems that they did was bend the safety so it was a little stiffer that it was before. The action still wracks with the safety on.

I had a feeling when I sent it in that I should have just sent my gun into a custom shop instead of sending it back to the factory, and now I'm kicking myself for not going with my instincts. I've had this happen before with EAA and KWA (admittedly an airsoft company), and I've gone with my instincts before with a Ruger 22/45 Lite, and sent it into Volquartsen, by passing the frustration and getting a great gun out of it.

Now I'm torn with what to do? I've already written an angry email to Arsenal, but I feel like if they don't give me a new gun or pay for a gunsmith to fix it, they are going to send it back the same. They have told me specifically that they do not do gunsmithing, so my hope for them are not high. Or should I just send it into Krebbs or Rifle Dynamics and suck up the lost time and frustration.

Any advice? Has anybody else had this experience with gun companies?
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