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With cynicism/skepticism being so common these days, it is a pleasant surprise. Sometimes I wonder if the firearms community isn't its own worst enemy for all of the pessimism that seems to pervade these venues
Sorry to be cynical /skeptical, but despite the fact that some have dispatched wounded animals with well placed shots and have all the confidence in the world in certain ammo they've "depended" on for years (but never had to defend themselves with it), the 158 SWC in .38 special is a poor performer compared to 158 +P lead HP. Don't have the source, but I believe RN lead and SWC perform about the same. Yes, lots of people have met their maker after being shot with the round, but rapid incapacitation isn't one of it's virtues.

Nothing wrong with loading up a bunch of SWC's. It would be good ammo in a long term survival situation. Better than nothing for SD. Hunting, trade, barter and, yes, might have to serve as SD, also.
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