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Broward County didn't need any "red flag" system to identify the Parkland shooter as a problem. They had plenty of documented "interactions" with him. The problem was the initiative (I guess I'm not supposed to call it a "conspiracy") between the school district and the sheriff's office to improve the statistics on criminal offenses in the schools by down-grading felonious incidents to less serious offenses. This was why deputy what's-his-name was lauded so highly as school resource officer -- not because he was a great SRO, but because he was so effective at waving his magic wand at crimes and making them "disappear" in a cloud of smoke and mirrors.

It doesn't take a PhD to figure out that, once you start down a road of "improving performance" by fudging the statistics, the only way to demonstrate continued "improvement" is by continuing to reclassify ever more offenses into ever less severe categories.

No "red flag" law in the universe can work as advertised if/when the offenses that would raise the red flags are declassified to lower-level offenses that fly under the radar.
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