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Originally Posted by silvermane_1 View Post
Exactly, besides these kinds of "red flag" laws will be used and abused by folks with a "agenda", and will in reality not prevent "bad people" from doing "bad things", that is simple logic.
The ‘simple logic’ via hindsight would show that in some instances, like with Cruz, a ‘red flag’ type system ‘may’ have prevented this school shooting. Would it be abused? Like any system or program, yes it would be. The question is whether the ‘abuse’ is SO bad that the system should either not be created or abandoned....OR be fixed/modified so it is more effective without curtailing people’s rights. But to ban it out of hand as ‘not effective because of potential abuse’, is incorrect IMHO. Using that criteria, just about every program now in existence, social security, Medicare, you name it, would be snuffed out.

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