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Be careful. This was all about .45 ACP extractors.

The concept is the same in as much as you have to address geometry, deflection, and tension but the dimensions don't apply to the 9mm.

Additionally, there are two schools of thought on how a 9mm extractor should apply pressure against the case. One way is as shown by niemi24s in his drawing where the case rim is in contact with the extractor's tensioning wall. The other way is for the edge of the 9mm extractor claw to be in contact with the flat portion of the case between the rim and the bevel. It's more difficult to make the 9mm tensioning wall apply the pressure. It's easier to make the 9mm claw apply the pressure. Easier is not always better though.
Thanks for the response.
Just got the EGW FPS fitted and radiused and added a little needed tension to the Ed Brown competition extractor.
The claw is touching the flat area at the bottom of the case groove, and there is a gap between the rim and the tensioning wall, roughly .015".
The claw in contact may not be optimal, but at least it sounds like a successful method.

I have light tension, just enough to hold an empty case in place in any orientation.

I know I don't want too much tension on the extractor with the light 12 pound recoil spring, that can cause feed issues too.

I think I'm going to try it as is with the claw riding in the groove, it's not hitting the bevel of the case, and I can always remove a little metal from the claw later. Tougher to put it back.
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