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I tried testing some of my better loads today--kinda of unusual, the first two shots went through almost the same hole right in the the bulls. I couldn't see the bullet impacts--at first I thought something had gone wrong with the scope and walked out to the target see where the bullets were landing. Wish I hadn't done that, cause naturally I choked the next two shots which went wide. After looking at the Labradar downloads of the shots I noticed the first two shots were very close in their over-all velocity numbers--but the next two were off by a wide deviation, around 80 fps at the muzzle. I can't help but think that makes a difference--even at only 100 yds. Can't say if below freezing conditions were a factor--or maybe it was just me. I try to be careful and uniform my cartridges when reloading them, but I wonder how sensitive they are to things like neck-tension, crimping etc. My 44 mag loads out of my Rossi don't seem to care much about minor variations between one load to the next.
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