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"...don't even show a load for the 300gr bullet using Longshot..." No .45 Colt data for Longshot at all, except for Ruger, Freedom Arms and TC handguns. However, 11 grains is .2 below minimum(not enough to matter) for a jacketed bullet. The load should not be the issue. More likely the innards have come loose.
"...bolt was slightly out of battery..." Probably not. It would have been far more, um, exciting if the bolt wasn't completely closed. Starting with a very noticeable flash of burning powder going past your chin.
"...If one manages to actually break a..." Doable, but a 3/8" dowel, that's soft wood, isn't likely to get jammed anyway. Too small diameter. I kinda doubt a dowel or brass rod or a mallet is going to help. I think it's need a disassembly.
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