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Not many do, but if you own a .357 Desert Eagle or Coonan semi auto I would advise against the use of Blazer ammo in them. I do not know from personal experience about the LAR Grizzly .357 but I would expect Blazer performance to be unsatisfactory in that gun, as well.

Aluminum is enough different in both strength and coefficient of friction that it is not a good choice in the Coonan and the load level is marginal for the Desert Eagle. One use with bent, mangled rims, or rims torn through by the extractor was enough for me to decide that ammo simply wasn't right for those specific guns.

Same stuff works fine in revolvers, and while I haven't run it through my lever gun, I expect it would do ok, but its definitely not up to the firing cycle of the semi autos I have.

Shorter cases, like 9mm and .45ACP work ok in my semis, but Blazer .357 doesn't.

I will admit to very limited use of Blazer ammo, being a dedicated handloader, I won't buy it, the few boxes I have used were gifts or were included in trade deals. I found it to be ok for plinking in most guns, but the magnum calibers I've shot (.357 & 44) were not "full house" loads compared to regular factory ammo, and no where near my heavy handloads.

Without getting reloadable cases from them, I see no point to my buying any, but that's just me.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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