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It really needs to be mentioned again. Quality is sketchy. That brass is soft and easily damaged. Powder used seems to be factory second from south korean production. Dimensions will be perfect but feeding and operation in semiautos seems to be problematic with many individual handguns. Revolvers have no moveable parts that feed the rounds into the chamber and then extract the fired casings, it sits there like a paperweight until fired. Stupid simple, you don't even need a casing for a revolver, think about cap and ball.

The bullets seem to be the very same production as is used in the rest of the production, mainly because if you make a bullet, there really isn't a way to make a discount grade piece of plated lead.

Plink them at a range and throw them away. They aren't meant to be anything but minimal quality.

They are still far better than steel former communist bloc or asian stuff, IMO.

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