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I've used the aluminum Blazer rounds for many years.
There are some semi-autos that don't do well with 9mm, but the revolver stuff has always functioned.

There are no safety concerns.

The caution against trying to reload the cases relates to the nature of the material and the type of primers, as mentioned above.

The aluminum cases are safe to use once, which is all they're intended for.
Trying to re-form & process for a second crimped use may not work as well as with thicker & more malleable brass.
The two materials are quite different in how they handle both combustion and "home" processing.

Berdan primers used in the Blazer centerfire ammunition require TWO primer flash holes in the case's primer pocket, whereas the "American" style primer normally used in a domestic case uses a single flash hole in the pocket.

Normal presses will punch out a standard domestic primer by forcing a centered punch pin through the single pocket hole to push the fired primer out.

With the Berdan's dual holes, if you try to use a regular press de-priming punch, it'll hit solid case material between the two holes, and if you push hard enough you'll either bust the punch pin or deform the pocket, possibly both.

A Berdan-primed case (aside from the Blazer aluminum) CAN be reloaded, but using a different de-priming method and appropriate primers, if you can find 'em.

Dixie Gun Works & RCBS both sell Berdan de-priming tools.
Once you get the old Berdan primer out, the rest of the reloading process is largely the same, in BRASS cases.
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