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Originally Posted by jmr40
Partly true. I'm a retired teacher. The School Resource Officers job is about 90% being a resource for the school and a direct link between the school and the DA's office. And about 10% school guard. If they do the 1st part right it really limits the chances of doing the 2nd part.

It is a fair statement to say that schools are trying to limit bad PR. But in this case the previous incidents were reported and the shooter was removed from the school some months earlier and placed in an alternative learning situation where he could be more closely monitored. He was eventually kicked out of that situation. He was not a student at the school at the time of the shooting. From the schools perspective, and the use of the SRO the system worked. At least up to that point.
No, completely true.

You may be a retired teacher, but I'll guess you're not retired from the Broward County school system. The school system and the sheriff's office had an arrangement going under which most offenses were either reported as lower-grade offenses than they really were, or simply weren't reported at all. The goal was to show improving statistics with regard to youthful offenders in the school system.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that, once you start down that road, there's no turning back until the gangs control the schools. In order to continue the "improvements" from year to year, it becomes necessary to ignore or down-grade increasingly serious offenses. And that's exactly what Parkland and Deputy Peterson were doing. Dig deep enough, and you'll find that Peterson's awards were basically for his success in fudging the paperwork on offenders within the school system.

The sheriff knew about this, so he was also part of the problem. And Superintendent Runcie knew about it, and was central to it. So he was -- and is -- part of the problem, and that's why many people now want him gone.

This was reported fairly extensively shortly after the shooting.

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