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Well i guess my next question is what bolt should i use and what round would be the correct round. If i understand correctly the barrel would be 30-06 but isnt the chamber an 8 mm?
The ORIGINAL barrel would have been 8mm Mauser (8x57mm). I do not believe that is the original barrel on the action. I believe it is a replacement, and it appears to be a WWII Springfield barrel, which would have been a .30-06.

However, the Mauser and the Springfield barrel threads are not the same. It COULD be that the .30-06 barrel has had the original thread shank cut off, and the barrel turned and rethreaded for the Mauser action. This would cut off part of the .30-06 chamber. The next step after installing the barrel would have been to recut the chamber for the desired round. We don't know if this has been done.

We don't know (at this point) how far along in the conversion process the original builder went. You might have a chamber that isn't "right" for any round, at this point. We don't know if the rifle was properly rebarreled and rechambered, and headspaced to a fitted bolt, or not. Might have been, and the bolt has since been lost. Might never have gotten any further than the condition you have it in. We don't know.
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