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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
That is certainly evidence that a loaded magazine does assist with ejection in a .45 with a short, G.I. style ejector.
I just checked a couple of Commanders to be sure I what I'm about to say is correct. If you fit a new ejector that has a nose so long that you can't eject a loaded round and you file the nose back until it will just barely eject a loaded round, empty cases will eject without any help from the next round in the magazine. I fit the ejectors this way purposely and they have functioned perfectly for many thousands of handloaded and factory rounds.

You can see what your ejector is doing by removing the recoil spring, sliding an empty case under the extractor, chambering the empty case, inserting a loaded magazine into the pistol, and then slowly pulling the slide back until the case is knocked off the extractor by the ejector or until the next round in the magazine suddenly pops up.

When I do this it's easier if I pull the slide off then put the empty case under the extractor claw and push the barrel back to chamber the case. Then I put the slide back on the frame and insert the slide stop to hold it all together. Then I insert the mag and pull the slide back.
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