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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
My Commander will eject every case except the last one, which is left sitting on top of the magazine . . .
This is usually a symptom of an extractor that needs attention. The extractor is losing control of the case which could be due to not enough tension or a tensioning wall that has been radiused too high from the bottom. If this is the problem, as the case moves down the breechface it will get to the point of the tensioning wall that has been radiused and is no longer applying sufficient pressure against the case rim to hold it.

Areas "C" and "D" here:

It's also possible though very rare that the J cut on the breechface was incorrectly cut allowing the case to miss getting solid contact with the ejector.

Extended ejectors may contact the rim before the magwell has been cleared by the rearward-moving slide, and there's no "assist" from the top round.
Entirely possible but contact between the ejector and the top round in the magazine is not a good thing. If there is contact, the continuous tapping of the next round in the magazine as it pops up against the ejector can bend or break the ejector. Think Chinese water torture.

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