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I am not a Taurus hater or basher. I used to be a big proponent of them. If someone on a website has limited money and wants to buy certain specific Taurus firearms, as long as they have a realistic set of expectations, I don't automatically try to steer them away. I will never buy another Taurus myself.

My first handgun was a Taurus 82. Not perfect, trigger wasn't great in DA, and sometimes the ejection rod would unscrew a little making it hard to open (maybe some loctite would have helped, but it was my first handgun so I didn't feel comfortable doing anything like that), but overall it was a good gun.

I owned a Taurus 605 which was a good gun, though I put only 500-1000 rounds through it before selling it (I've never really liked small framed snubs in .357mag very much).'

I have a 1991 vintage Taurus 85CH which has been a great gun. I haven't shot it in a few years, and when in a state where I can carry I no longer bring it and carry it (or any 5 shot snub). However, I can't bring myself to sell it.

I have a 2nd gen Millennium, a DAO PT140 Millennium Pro. It was a great gun, until it wasn't. I put about 2K rounds through it so I guess I got my money's worth. My biggest issue is that the problem could have been much more serious than it was. It wouldn't feed- I'd feed a round from the mag and the slide would get jammed up. When loading it I tried it a couple times before my examination showed me what happened. The firing pin was stuck in the firing position. Thank God it got jammed up on the rim of the round and didn't engage the primer (if loading for HD that would have at least been a ND, and possibly would have gone full auto until firing off the mag). Oh yeah, I also had the rear sights get loose several times and eventually fly off the gun.

A few years ago I bought a 2" Rossi 461 (owned and made by Taurus). I've periodically had the cylinder get jammed so it wouldn't rotate or open a number of times when firing magnums. An internet search of Taurus Armed and many non-brand specific sites show that this is not exactly an uncommon problem with new production Taurus and Rossi products.

So, between my issues, the lawsuit (which I haven't even gone into), the common issues found on the net (many of them being repeats of the same set of issues), and poor Taurus customer service if you do have a problem, I don't feel comfortable buying them. They are cheap, they do have a good warranty (or rather, they used to since they are phasing out the lifetime warranty), and you can (and often will) get a good one. So, I don't really try to talk people out of getting them. However, I will sometimes engage in the conversation when people try to say they are as good as X (pick higher end brand with substantially better track record) or when they try to suggest that any criticism of Taurus is unjustified or only done by "haters" (my apologies to those out there who criticized Taurus when I used to do this).
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