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I wanted to settle the question about obtaining permission from niemi24s to use his drawings in my posts so I dropped him a PM today. Below are the relevent portions of our interaction:

Originally Posted by Steve in Allentown
The other day I posted two of your drawings over on the Firing Line forum to help others who were having extractor related issues.

I would appreciate it if you would review the post I made that had your drawings and let me know if I have in any way offended you by using them. If I have inadvertantly stepped outside the bounds by posting them, please say so and I will immediately remove them.
Originally Posted by niemi24s
Hi Steve:

No need to remove those images. All 450+ of my images are in a Public Folder on Photobucket and none have been copywrited by me (or anyone else I know of). The addition of the credit line attributing them to my username is perfectly adequate.

Cheers, Niemi24S
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