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I've had these doubles and even triples happen to me twice with two different rifles . First time it happened was with a Del-Ton 316 complete NIB rifle on the first range trip . I'd get doubles on very slow trigger release and it was repeatable with both me and a friend shooting it . Since it was a new complete rifle I sent the whole thing back and it was returned with new hammer and disconnect with the explanation they were out of spec . It's been one of my most reliable firearms since .

The second time it happened it was on my NM build again first time out . This rifle however has a Geissele high speed national match trigger with a 1# second stage . The issue was my trigger control and has never happened again since I learned how to pull that trigger correctly .

There are many reasons this can happen to include improper installation . Not sure I'm buying the pin walking though . Everything should stay lined up until the pin fully clears one side of the receiver , yes/no ? I've had pins walk before , never noticed a difference in firing ( always caught it before it cleared one side )

I did function test on both before heading to the range and both seemed fine . That was how ever very basic function tests . I now do a much more detailed test on new builds .
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