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Originally Posted by David R View Post
I have an Officers Model. 3.5" barrel. The last round was hitting me in the face. I did the test with the magazine out. All rounds fell down and went out the bottom of the magazine well. I tensioned the extracter too much first and it would not feed. I took some tension off and it worked fine. No more brass in the face. It also worked with no magazine.
Some years ago after putting together a 9x23 I took it to the range and was amazed at how far the ejected cases flew. I just chalked it up to the power of the cartridge until one day when I stripped it for cleaning and the extractor just fell out of the slide. It had zero tension on it because I forgot that little chore during the build. Once I got that squared away the brass no longer ejected into low earth orbit.

Having hot brass making a line drive for your face is no fun. As you discovered this is caused by an extractor that loses control of the empty case during cycling. The empty case ends up getting smacked by the forward edge of the ejection port which bats the case straight back at the shooter.

The reason it was only the last round that was getting batted back at you is because all the previous empty cases were being pushed clear of the ejection port by the next round in the magazine as it popped up or they were supported by the next round enough that the extractor was able to drag them back to make contact with the ejector.


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