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Every time I’ve seen an AR double, it has been one of two things.

1) Poor trigger control causing unintentional bump fire.
2) Through DIY gunsmithing, use, or poor parts quality, the thin case hardening on the nose of the trigger has been worn through and now it isn’t catching the hammer after the disconnector hook lets go, so it fires on the pull and the release. Basically a DIY binary trigger; but less predictable.
Really--it's not all that hard to see how the hammer might not let off on the trigger properly when you consider that the trigger is essentially a "see saw" mechanism on the the trigger pin. A change of just a few thousandths of an inch +/- in that degree of rocking--and where it stops--can easily alter sear and disconnector timing. Lots of different parts go into the overall assembly--just because something is "Mil-Spec" doesn't mean it's guaranteed to fit and function properly with everything else that is.

Good luck Kvon and let us know how it goes. x39 in an AR can be an interesting experience; my experience hand-loading lots of ammo for both it and the AK is that generally most people are happy if it groups around 2"--but if you're willing to put the time and money into it you can tune that down to MOA or a bit less; but for the most part options are very limited on the performance of the cartridge. I've pushed bullets much faster than the commonly found 2300 to 2400 fps--but have yet to adequately stabilize the stubby little flat-base bullets in the process of doing so and maintain good accuracy/consistency. I don't know if you reload--but if you do make sure you segregate AR47 spec cases from the AK ones--AK's tend to be more "destructive" with the brass--changes in the head area of the AK case may preclude it from being reliably usable in an AR47 reload.
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