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So sure enough I took a look at the rifle just now without even opening it up and could see the trigger pin has been backed out.

What's the fix?

I mean to stop it from backing out in the pin?
I wouldn't go as far as to say "it can't happen" but it's rare if the hammer spring legs sit in the grooves on the trigger pin. I've seen it happen though--for example some Jard adjustable triggers require the installation of a "spacer lock plate" to restrict side-to-side movement of the pin. A basic trigger like the EPT really shouldn't need anything special, but there are after-market anti-rotation/anti-walk pins you can get. After assembly and doing your function check, you can also lightly push the pins from the side to see if they readily slide in the receiver--other than maybe a slight thousandths of an inch or so it should resist sideways movement.
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