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Ohio is over 75% flat land and rolling hills, that's why we were slug only for years. My area
in SE Ohio is considered Appalacian region. I wish they would zone it like other states. This
is a region of steep ridges and deep hollows. I would just like to be able to use a 30/30 or
35Rem. As far as 45/70 a 300gr bullet is plenty for deer. I read all kinds of guys worrying if
their special wide metaplate or some other gimmick bullet in 45/70 is enough to anchor the
deer. I have had several original 45/70 single shots and killed deer with cast bullets, most under 100yds and never had a bullet stop in the deer and this was 1200-1300 FPS loads. They ain't Cape Buffalo. Unless you just like to use 45/70 & 444s and are a Ohio Hunter I
think there are much better choices. I'm going with 375W with Spitzer bullets for 375H&H.
They aren't going to preform much as far as expansion in 375Win but the 235 gr bullet will
punch a hole clear through a deer. Unless you make a terrible shot it's dead. A lot of local deer hunters only hunt Ohio and only rifle experience they have is with HV Varmit guns. They watch to much TV and think a 45/70 is a long range cartridge. Most of these hunters
would have been better served with a 44mg. When average shoots are 100yds or less 45/70 is not necessary. It takes more skill to shot LV rifles than a HV when you start shooting 150
yds or more. A 270 or 3006 doesn't require much with their flat trajectory to take deer out
to 300+ yds.
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