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For all that have participated and those just reading and following along. There is not a brand out there that I have shot that I have decided I hate. There have been a few that I felt were not a good fit for me but that doesn't make then bad guns. I have yet to have one of anything blow up or fall apart.

Now I do own a PT92C and it is one of my favorite guns to shoot and I honestly cannot think of anything I would trade it for. Now my older brother has owned 4 different Taurus and still owns a PT809C and a Millennium G2. Both are reliable and he does carry the G2. Personally I do not care for the G2 but the 809 feels much better. He also has a Ruger SR and a Sig and I don't care for either of those either. Lastly, being a member also at Taurus Armed we have had member get together's and I've shot a good number of different Taurus along with other brands.

As for problems, I do have a new S&W Shield 380EZ that is under recall and I can't wait to get it back. I like it so much I have thought of buying another so that the wife has one and so do I.
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