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I don't see a problem with that. Just stating facts however they are construed. There isn't a product I know that at one time or another there wasn't a bad review or bad press about it, it's not just with firearms.

Here the inference was that stories of defective Taurus firearms abound everywhere were I was trying to point out exactly where are all these stories. I took it to read that these stories are almost a daily occurrence and that they can be found everywhere..

The point I was trying to make that even on a product specific forum with a "Problem" subforum the stories of satisfied happy owners outweighs the problems.

At the same time I do not have a problem with someone making a negative review of a product as long as they elaborate on the reason for their negative experience. Way too many times I read reviews that just state "this product is junk, don't buy it"., and they leave it at that, while others just offer, "Well I read or I heard." yet they have zero experience with the product. Just like the press wars it makes no never mind to me which products someone else is using or not using.
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