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Know what I found? Not a single one of them has a sub-forum for "Product Problems"! So I would imagine that if someone went to that Taurus Products Problem sub-forum I would guess they would find stories of problems with the product. Yet you can also go into all those other sub-forums and read of all the success that people are having at the same time.
TFL has no "product problems" subforums either and yet people seem to feel free to post negatively about guns they have a problem with. The lack of a specific subforum for product problems doesn't imply that the users of that forum are somehow constrained to post only success stories.

Besides, one could just as easily spin the fact that a particular brand-specific forum feels the need to make a subforum just for problems, while many other brand-specific forums for different brands do not, as being a negative for that brand.

I guess what I'm saying is that if we're going to talk about Taurus, let's talk about Taurus. Trying to do surveys of various forums and then analyzing their structure to try to draw conclusions about Taurus quality seems like a stretch.
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