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I have several 45/70's currently have an older Browning B78 singleshot with receiver sight, and Browning 86 saddle ring carbine which is my favorite, and I have shot several hogs with it. Used to hunt with a Ruger #1 in 45/70 with a Leupold 1.5 x 5 scope and that was a fine deer rifle; shot several deer with it. For hunting deer and hogs, I have most often used factory 300gr hollow points, because they are easily found in stores, and they shoot flatter then the old 405gr loads.

I have have owned Marlins in the past usually scoped, but recently acquired a Marlin guide type gun, with a full length mag, and I added the XS sight rail and ghost ring sights to it, and then tonight I added an Aimpoint Micro H1 to the rail. I wanted this gun, for hog hunting at close range, and I believe it will do very well for that. The Aimpoint seems to be very fast, and I believe it will excel under the conditions I have been killing hogs at.

If I was going to buy a 45/70 for deer hunting, as my main rifle, I believe I would probably get a Marlin, or Ruger #1 and put a low power variable scope on it.
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