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Back in the days of using lead shot,I was a kid with a 20 ga Stevens double.

Northern Colorado had a lot of geese. And a lot of irrigation. Crops,reservoirs,and ditches.

Pass shooting geese at the edges of the reservoirs,I'd look at their feet. If you can see their feet really well,generally you can shoot.

In the fields,I'd low crawl the irrigation ditches till I was right among the geese in the fields.

The point was getting close.It was 40 years ago,but I'd guess ranges were inside 30 yds. Those lead 2 3/4 Magnum #2 shot 20 ga shells would bring down geese IF you only shoot when they are close.

I'd guess you can get the same performance out of a 12 ga using non toxic shot.

But maybe you have to be a determined 15 yr old
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