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JEBR, the solid plug,disk, puck, spacer (still wondering what to call it. Lol!) is the way to go. I'm not a fan of brass, aluminum . . . . just steel/stainless steel. The shim stack consists of shims with epoxy in-between. Under heavy and repeated recoil, the epoxy can compress and allow cylinder/barrel contact. It only takes a .001" - .0015" of compression to close a .002" - .003" clearance. The solid spacer is already against the bottom of the arbor hole and held in place with "surrounding" epoxy (JB) with the two drilled "anchoring" holes for reinforcement. This gives solid structure for the arbor to butt against under tension.
It's easier to use a slightly "long" ( plus .003" - .004" ) spacer and then "final fit" by dressing the arbor to close in on the clearance you are wanting. Of course, dressing the arbor end will open up the wedge slot overall which may call for a new wedge. A better answer is an adjustable front bearing (flattened set screw located in the arbor that protrudes into the slot) for the wedge and just keep the one you have.

Good luck.
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