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Originally Posted by Brian Pflueger
There is no legal provision for an “indefinite” delay. It’s 3 days, response or no. No response is not “indefinite”, the law specifically allows transfer after 3 days, as long as the response does not get CHANGED to denied. It can either be changed to “denied”, changed to “proceed” or no response is implicit “proceed”. There is no “indefinite”.
I’m aware of that, I’ve managed at two different FFLs. Sorry if I was unclear: My point was simply that with some delays the FFL never receives a response from NICS. So if the store policy is not to deliver the gun until a response is received, the OP might never receive his gun: If he simply waits for the store to receive a response, he’ll be waiting indefinitely.

In that case, to get his gun he’d need to actively challenge the delay through the NICS appeal process. Though I’ve never had a customer who appealed a delay, only a denial, since my stores have always had the policy of delivering the gun after three business days of no response.
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