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WOW! Why don't you just call the OP's father a liar? So classy, good for you!!
Model12Win, thanks but I took no offense. Different people dont have the expierence others have so reply based on their limited expierence.

We know that FMJs do tend to penitrate deeper then jackets HPs or SPs. I've seen waterbuffalo hit with M193 FMJ 223s, I shoot many of of moose with LSWC 357s and even killed a buffalo (bison) with a frontal head shot with the same service revolver and LCWCs I used to put down moose as a cop in Alaska.

Granted I've never shot any animal with my Carbine, I know enough about bullets that with proper bullet placement it will penitrate the skull of a water buffalo.

After all how many Elephants, Rinos, and Cape Buffalo were killed in Africa, using the 7 Mauser, '06, 303, and 30-40 Krag using mililitary surplus FMJ ammo. I think just reading Bell, would give us the info we need.
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