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Anybody hear of John Linebaugh??? He has developed some above max Ruger 45 Colt loads that work....and shoot well.
To be fair, he didn't develop those loads by asking for advice on the internet, nor did he learn to reload in the process of developing those loads. There's a reason we all know his name, and it's not just because he loaded some above max loads for Ruger revolvers.

People who can reasonably lay claim to being the next John Linebaugh or Elmer Keith (both of whom have blown up guns, by the way) and know what the risks are and have the knowledge/experience to deal with the dangers, are one thing. For the rest of us mortals, it makes a lot of sense to rely on information produced by experts, who have access to equipment and other resources we don't have, rather than striking out on our own and breaking new ground in the field of cartridge development. Or, worse yet, encouraging others to do so.

This general issue (wanting to provide uncaveated advice suitable only for highly-experienced experts) on an internet forum that can be read by virtually everyone in the entire world is something that actually comes up a lot and not just in the reloading forum. There are experts (self-proclaimed and/or actual) who apparently feel like they can't be fulfilled unless they can motivate others to follow their risky example, or at least unless they can tell everyone about their latest "out of bounds" exploits.
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