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soft spot

I've always had a soft spot for the M1 carbine. I was lucky enough to get detailed to FLETC as a line instructor on a couple of occassions. On the first
TDY (1988?) . the Bureau of Prisons still used the carbine as its rifled long arm. With BOP, EVERYBODY learned to shoot, and they agency was running a lot of hires through the academy at that time. So us TDY guys got handed off to BOP pretty often.

Shot the carbine quite a bit. We never turned in partial boxes of ammo, the line instructors would should the loose ammo up between classes. One guy was pretty good at shooting the thing held upside down! We'd often shoot the small scoring guide silhouette in the corner of the big targets , 3 shots, to see who would buy lunch. Those BOP carbines had been shot a lot, but they seemed to have a large number of them, and the 15 rd mag was standard. We trained them on handgun first (revolver days), anybody that could learn to shoot the revolver, always shot carbine well also.

I said I would have one someday. About a decade later, when CMP got carbines for sale, I just did not have the money. When I was working, and Auto Ordanance offered a LE discount on their repro, I did not have the money (well I would not spend it would be a better statement), and I still do not have a carbine.

The carbine is a love/hate thing. I've read where vets liked'em (Audie Murphy for one), and others despised them. There are lots of accounts of them used effectively in European combat, WWII. They were pretty common in LE too. I was in the Chief Rangers office in the Great Smoky's NP in the early 80's, and their was a closet full of them, locked in racks. The carbine was not an approved firearm for the NPS, (the Rem 760 .308 pump was) but apparently at one time the carbine were available to NPS Rangers.

The original PDW, and the forerunner to the STG the carbine filled a unique and debated role. I'm still in the market.
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