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Went to the Castle Rock, WA shoot couple weeks ago

My thanks to the shoot boss and all the instructors.

1) they were over the top OCD as far as safety goes, just the way I like it.

2) good instruction. Unfortunately, I'm not a good student or I have a limited number of good shots in a day. I had a higher score at the beginning than the end. Maybe. I could see how integrating the new stuff I learned could result in a lower score for a while, but ultimately my ceiling is going to be higher.

3) good people. There were a couple of teenagers on either side of me, one made rifleman. (His dad didn't, bragging rights for sure!) Both seemed like really great kids.

4) good history. There were some [email protected] old geezers on the road from Concord. "Unhappy it is though to reflect, that a Brother's Sword has been sheathed in a Brother's breast, and that, the once happy and peaceful plains of America are either to be drenched with Blood, or Inhabited by Slaves. Sad alternative! But can a virtuous Man hesitate in his choice?"

I'm going to practice what I've learned and return for some Sunday shoots. If I make rifleman, I'm going to treat myself to another rifle to try qualify again with. And so on...

Seriously, I recommend this program.
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