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Appleseed Information Central!

Appleseed Information Central!

The folks at the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, want to provide you with some one-stop shopping for your Appleseed Shoot information.

"April 19th, 1775....Where Marksmanship met History....and a Heritage began....!"

Would you like to learn where the American Rifleman Heritage began, and how?

Isaac Davis and John Parker were there.....They want to pass on the Tradition of American Marksmanship to you!....Come out and learn why these men are important to your Rifleman Heritage and what they have to teach you.

Ever want to learn what it takes to be accurate with your rifle out to 500 yards?

The Appleseed Shoots answer all of these questions, and this area of The Firing Line will answer your questions about the Appleseed Shoots.

We will maintain a current Appleseed Tour Schedule here as well as field your questions about the Appleseed Shoots and Appleseed Project. You are invited to post your questions in this forum, and the representatives of the Appleseed Project will answer them or you are welcome to PM us with your questions.

This is a service of the folks that bring you the Appleseed Shoots, so please, do not direct your Appleseed questions/comments to the Administration of The Firing Line.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get specific and general information about the Appleseed Shoots and to provide you with a current schedule of our nationwide Appleseed Tour.

We are adding Appleseed Shoot locations and dates all the time, so keep an eye on our Schedule, and we are always looking for new locations, so feel free to forward your clubs/range information to us.

There is a lot of information and answers on the Appleseed Web Site, come and visit, if you have further questions, feel free to ask here.

Appleseed Shoots travel very well!

We have over 63 shoots on the schedule for 2008, nation wide so far, with over 100 being the goal for 2008.

We are always looking for new places to take the Appleseed Project to, if you want to save some gas money, then set one up at your home range or on your farm.

Appleseed Shoots are often done on private property, with a good natural backstop.

25 meters is all that is needed longer ranges are nice, but the bulk of the course is at 25 meters, with reduced size targets to simulate 100-500 yards.

PM me if you would like more details on hosting or if you have questions about the Appleseed Project.

BTW....Have I mentioned that Kids under 21 and all Military shoot FREE at Appleseed Shoots?

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