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Mark of the Beast, Scarlet Letter, a Yellow Star, or a pink triangle or a Konzentrationslager Nummer when a government forces people to wear, be tattooed or chipped, its just WRONG!

Conspiracy "theorists" have been saying that our babies have been "chipped" at the hospital (without our knowledge) when born, for decades now, pretty much since the chip was invented. they say the chips aren't being used YET, but they WILL be...

Most people think they are wackjobs...and they probably are, but what if....???

Some people fight like hell against immunizations....don't see them lining up to be chipped, either...

Convicted felons lose the lawful ability to exercise CERTAIN SPECIFIC rights, as defined in law. ONLY those rights defined in law. I'm fairly sure chipping them against their will would be a violation of some laws.

How is this different from an ankle bracelet monitor? for one thing, after the required legal restrictions end, the bracelet comes off. Would removing the chip be a (minor?) surgical procedure? would it be left in place and just "turned off" somehow? and if they did that, how would you know they actually did? things like that, and medical privacy laws make it seem like a really bad idea, at this point in our society's history.

This might change in the future, might be everyone wants and gets "implants" and the laws are changed to reflect this. Until then, I would say its a non-starter for a LOT of reasons.
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