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I had the same problem with trying to find a new Browning in December of 2011. I wanted a XS Skeet with 30 inch barrels in 12 gauge and nobody had one, even online. I got so frustrated I called Browning in Utah and somehow got put in touch with someone who was helpful.

The problem is inventory tax. No one wants to be stuck holding expensive shotguns at the end of the year and having to pay inventory tax. The guy at Browning clued me on the fact that they had a shipment of 10 on its way from Japan, out which 7 were pre-sold. I was told to contact a full authorized Browning dealer and tell them to order one of them for me. So I contacted Bass Pro and was lucky enough to find someone who knew how to game their system to place an order. They are their own distributor and will not go outside of their inventory to get a customer a gun. Bass Pro did not carry higher end Citori's. This guy had a friend in their distribution system and they got it for me by pretending that it was mistakenly sold to me thinking that it was in inventory.
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