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Keep in mind that there are no entry level jobs doing anything these days. All those companies whining about not being able to find skilled employees are talking about experienced(usually 5 to 10 years of paid work.) people. They've been refusing to train new guys for 40 years too.
Avoid the correspondence/distance learning options, period. Those places are in the business of selling videos. You cannot learn to be a smithy from a video. Nor can you learn to do a trigger job on a 1911A1 pistol(just an example.) if you don't have one to work on. Those videos and mail order places think everybody has access to such things.
Nor can you learn to use any machine without one or via a video.
The days of being able to find inexpensive milsurps to learn on are long over. Refurbishing beat up commercial hunting rifles might help, but you still need money for that.
Go talk to your local Community College and see if they offer a course.
Spelling and grammar count!
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