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Hey, whatever you say. It certainly appears Im not the person you are, and Ive just been living on luck day in, day out, my whole life.
Probably safe to say all of us are still alive today due to some level of luck. In my case it has been with a HUGE amount of luck. On the other hand, I'm generally good with survival strategies and I have a lot of training and experience but then again I would never deny the role luck has had in my survival!

Just curious here, but since you seem to have a lot of actual and bad experience with the Smart Carry type holsters, what went wrong for you?
Wrong question. I'm still alive due to what went right for me. Having made it through many various real world search scenarios and how the searches were unable to determine I was packing resulted in a pertinent level of awareness (or confirmation of that which I was already reasonably certain).

And since the "magic holsters" dont work in your experience, specifically what combination are you using that is so effective?
In the case of metal detection and/or digital scanning confirmation, nothing.

In cases of human detection through physical contact, the size of the weapon and location of concealment are everything.

And of course, while hiding the guns and getting away with it is very important, actually being able to quickly get to it and use it effectively is really the ultimate goal here, so Im assuming you do that regularly in practice, both getting the gun out and shooting it effectively, in as many ways as you can come up with in practice.
If you haven't made it through the "gate" being able to quickly and effectively use your weapon are probably not going to be matters of concern for you unless they are chasing you down the street because you failed to pass their weapons inspection protocol.

Obviously, yes if needed you want to be able to quickly and efficiently access your weapon through training and practice.
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