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M16 =20rnds M16A1=20rnds later 30. All others after 30rnd standard.

The original black follower and green follower USGI magazines were so tightly packed with 30 rounds that they could be difficult to load with the bolt forward (even with a vigorous slap, the magazine sometimes wouldn’t seat and would drop out after the first round was fired).
This was a problem with the 20nd mags too. Officially the mags were either 20 or 30 but we were all "advised" to down load them a round or two, "for reliability". Some did, some didn't.

Here's an "old trick" used by some of us with the 20nd mags, they fit in your GI shirt pocket (and you could button the flap). yeah more crap to carry, but if you didn't have your web gear on, you still had a little ammo in reach.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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