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Originally Posted by TruthTellers View Post
I think the same too, I just don't think a 17oz LCR is great for deep concealment. A 13oz .32 Mag LCR would be better, but Ruger doesn't seem to care about the .32 Mag or a .32 LCP.
If they released a six-shot .32 H&R magnum LCR on the lighter frame, it might appeal to some people. Before the LCR came out in .327 Federal, I'd actually been hunting around for one of the older alloy J-frames in .32 H&R magnum. This might be an emotional throwback to when six-shooters were the norm but I feel much better with six shots than I do with five.

Of course, that's a novelty that'll never happen. I'm still waiting for the 3" LCRX to come out in .327 Federal. The magnum frame has been available for a while now. I figured for sure that they'd have a .327 version out by Christmas. Sadly, not a peep. Every time I get a Ruger newsletter in my inbox, I wonder if that'll be the day...
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