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Hey Guys

Well I finally got my 81. I bought it from Robertson Trading post in the excellent condition grade and besides a few dings and scratches it was in pretty nice shape. No holster wear. Happy with that.Applied a coat of oil and man did it shine up real nice. The bluing on these guns is unreal. They don't do them like that anymore. At the range I did experience some issues. First of all it came with a modified Mecgear mag(10 rnd) that was brand new and hard as hell to load. With aquila ammo I was getting stovepipes every pull of the trigger. I then switched to Fiocchi ammo and it improved to maybe one stovepipe out of 10 rounds but I noticed as the mag broke in even the aquila ammo stovepiped less. I gave up after about 40 rounds. My fingers were killing me. I have the mag fully loaded at home for further break in. The pistol itself shot great and was very accurate for what it is. Overall pleased with the purchase. I do want to get at least 1 to 2 more mags and switch out the grips since they are scratched and thick. This pistol would look fantastic with wood grips. Also planning on reloading for the 32acp. Starting to acquire components for that so I will keep you guys posted were this all heads. Shooting it def brought back memories of my time in Italy. Thanks
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