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BNIB Browning stuff is difficult to find in retail shops due to the price. All those shops must pay for the stuff they sell. When, is about their credit rating. Most will be on '30 days' credit. As in pay for the thing in 30 days or we'll stop giving you credit at all. Then it'll be COD.
What's your budget? Where you are might matter too.
"...BPS .410 may be discontinued...." Yep. 12's and 20's, only, on their site. .410's haven't exactly been the most popular configuration either. And a Cynergy isn't a Model 725. A 725 is a Citori.
"...listed as new on Gunbroker..." Most of the sellers there are dealers. Lot of 'em think they're going to get rich selling guns on-line too.
Spelling and grammar count!
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