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When you actually start moving further towards actually placing an order with one of these places, everyone is out of stock and offers the friendly follow up to the purchaser to email you when they are back in stock. And a whole host of other retailers describe these models as discontinued. Finally if you dig one click deeper within Browning's site, AFTER you click on "725" and then "Current Production" and scroll down to the field model, it clearly states "These Products No Longer In Production." The Cynergy Classic Field is plainly listed only as Discontinued, and the BPS is only available now in 12 and 20. I won't claim that there is absolutely none anywhere but the few I've seen are clearly overpriced which I suppose is for the exact reasons I'm talking about.
I wasn't really asking for help in finding any of these guns. I was more just venting at the absence of guns in configurations that are considered by many sportsmen as core models within their product lines. If you want these in the Browning line, you are completely out of luck. Too bad.
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