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Just a sportsman trying to buy a Browning

I am not a gun nut so I am not current on what companies are doing well and who is not so I am more frustrated than the guys who buy and sell often who probably already know about this stuff. I am simply trying to find one after another Browning shotgun to find nothing available except secondary market used stuff. I have to come clean about not spending any time on Browning's site to determine if these models are available, but wow, what have we come to when I can't buy a new Cynergy Field or 725 Field model in 12 ga., or a BPS in 410? That's three different guns in some of the most popular configurations I can imagine and no one has anything. To hell with fit, workmanship or features. All that Browning's competition has to do to gain market share is HAVE the gun! I never thought. I'm going to probably spend maybe another couple months to see if anything changes and then I suppose grab a 686 field and a Wingmaster 410.
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