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Sanding In Pure Tung Oil

I am finishing an American Walnut gunstock with Pure 100% Tung Oil. I’ve refinished 7 stocks, 2 of which were with Pure Tung Oil. With this 3d Pure Tung Oil stock, I would like to use the “sanding In” method of application. I have used this method on other finishes, but not with Tung Oil. I will apply between 8 or 12 coats over the same number of weeks.

With my previous pure tung oil finishes, rubbing vigorously after letting the tung oil sit for 15-20 minutes worked just fine. With my 2 “sanding In” projects, using Pilkington’s on one and Minwax Antique Oil on the other, I let them sit for the time per the instructions, and then rubbed the slurry in a circular fashion with non-absorbent paper.

I tried that technique with pure tung oil and the circular rubbing with non absorbent paper failed to produce a non-wet surface. For fear of the surfacing being tacky, I went ahead and rubbed it “dry” with a rag. However, won’t rubbing remove the material in the pores from using the non-absorbant paper? Should I have simply rubbed the non-absorbent for a longer period of time?

1. Is there any reason not to “sand in” with Pure Tung Oil?
2. If it’s ok, how long do you let the finish “dry” before you start “sanding In?”
3. Can you keep it from producing a tacky finish?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
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