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aviator holster

I have posted before that I use a leather, WWII pattern aviators holster on occasion and am quite satisfied with it for my application. It is not a concealment rig, the leather shoulder strap runs diagonally across the chest and is visible at the front while wearing any cover garment left open or unzipped.

The appeal for me is that it gets the handguns ( Ruger B-hawk 4-5/8, or S&W M27 up away from waist level, and is more comfortable when riding in vehicle or ATV. On muddy ATV rides, under a jacket, the guns stays dry and clean. In rainy foul weather, afoot or ATV, a jacket or coat covers the gun entirely, keeping it dry and clean as well.

Note that a trouser belt is not essential with a shoulder rig of any kind. If you are wearing sweats or a track suit, one can duck into a shoulder rig and still carry the trash or check the mail at the end of the lane w/o fooling with trousers and a belt. I suppose, come to think of it, the shoulder rig is the only holster not requiring clothes!!!!!!!!!!
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