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Originally Posted by popshooting445 View Post
For relatively short-time (6-10 hours) wear with a pistol no heavier than a M1911, a shoulder rig may work for concealment purposes. The problem is that the spine and shoulders are a flexible "T". No matter how you secure it, a shoulder rig causes bending, both forward and to the side, which causes the body to unconsciously compensate with tension on muscles and tendons. This leads to fatigue, even if the straps cause little chafing. For anything heavier than about 38 oz., a high-ride crossdraw or straight draw, on a 2-inch or wider belt is a much more comfortable, secure and convenient is the way to pack a handgun.
I disagree. I've worn Galco shoulder holster for many years.

For me, at least, they are infinitely more comfortable and concealable than "cowboy" holsters.
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