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Mine does not have barrel notches. I think the reason for it might be that the shroud on mine has a barely detectable amount of clocking play.
In the case of the original barrel open sight,both it and the front sight are shroud mounted. The play is not a big deal.

But with a receiver mounted sight,any error is too much.It would be a windage error thing.

For Remigton they had spare parts. I don't think I'd apply a torch to the barrel shround. Things can go wonky. You don't know what stress is in that thin wall. You et t warm and it an change shape.
Only the "late" FBI model had the notches cut in the barrel jacket. The jacket and jacket head were brazed using an induction method, with no open flame.

A distinctive area that collectors want to pay attention to when determining authenticity of Late Type rifles is the joining of the barrel jacket and the barrel jacket head. During production the FBI noted that barrel jackets were loosening from the jacket head on their Early Type FBI rifles, undoubtedly due to heavy use. To remedy this problem Remington brazed the two pieces together using induction heat. This process meant no open flame was used as with typical “silver soldering” resulting in a stronger cleaner joint with less oxidation.
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